Wow, thanks for checking out my “About Me” page. I’m a 23 year old student living in Germany. I am currently going to the university of Rhine-Waal to get my bachelor degree in Media and Communication Design and at the time of writing this I’m finishing my bachelor thesis but somehow I still find time to work on FourtyLove.com.

To me as a person: I am sure people that know me would describe me as ambitious in everything and over-ambitious in everything related to tennis. When I was young I was not born on the tennis court but on the golf course since my father was a professional golf player which surely brought me to the world of golf.

It took me to my ninth year of life to understand that golf is not the right sport for a young boy that loves to run so  I started playing tennis at age 9 with not alot of ambition to become better but more to just have fun and run around. Since I accidently started getting better at this sport and was able to compete on a good level my head is completely full of Tennis, some may say I breath Tennis as much as a real tennis-professional. Otherwise you don’t start a full blog about everything around tennis :). My motivation to go out on court and practice has increased over the last years and I don’t see why this should come to an end yet. Maybe it is the fact that I love to compete in 1on1 competitions, love to win, hate to lose or maybe everything combined. I spend a lot of my time during the week in the gym, on court or running in the park to stay healthy and to avoid bad consequences for my body since my job as webdesigner and student forces me to sit for quite some hours in front of the PC each day.

As much as I am interested in other sports like Basketball, Football, going to the gym (is that a sport?), Golf and Running, I love to create and design things for the web. Ever since I joined university I’m fascinated by well designed websites and the world of movies. This is maybe the reason why I put so much effort in the design details of this page :). Following this passion lead me to create and sell some websites and start youtube-channels with different types of content. As much as I love to play Tennis for hours and hours I love to work on projects deep into the night until my mind is settled and I can go to bed. It is funny but when writing this I realize that this is something that occurs to me in Tennis, too. There is no way I will get a good sleep if my forehand didn’t work the way I wanted it to work in a practice session or match earlier that day. Therefore my first advice to you is to write an “About Me” page to get some insights of yourself you didn’t know until now. 🙂