Top 5 Best Tennis Racquet 2017

Top 5 Best Tennis Racquets 2017

UPDATE: There is an updated version for the best tennis racquets 2018 available here.

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If you are looking for an advantage in your tennis game it’s very important that you use the right tennis racket. With the help of a professional grade tennis racket you can have a much easier time placing your tennis shots. In many cases professional rackets have a much more forgiving swing and this can lead to a larger sweet spot and a greater level of control over the ball for better ball placement. Having the ability to better place the ball with the best tennis racket available in 2017 can make you a far better player.


Before you rush to Amazon or a local shop and buy a tennis racket just because your favourite player plays it please read the list below. Just because a racket is working for someone doesn’t mean it will be the best racquet for you. We are all different in technique, playstyle, shotselection, fitness, etc. Many tennis rackets have certain strengths and weaknesses that compliment your game; at first you should think about your game and focus on what is the most important and best part of it and THAT is what we are trying to compliment with a new racket.

  • Which Level?

    Simple question: How good are you? What is the best tennis racquet for intermediate player 2017? What is the best tennis racket for advanced players? Those are different questions and they need different answers. There is no ONE racket that is best for all. It is important to know your own level and understand that rackets with a small head size and a weight of 340g do NOT make you Roger Federer and are meant for players that have exceptional talent and precision.

  • How old are you?

    Your age plays a major role. If you are younger than 15 chances are that you need a racket that is lighter and easier to move since your body is not yet fully grown. The same goes for many players that are older than 50.

  • What's your playstyle?

    Think about your own game. What is your ultimate goal on court? Think about patterns and specific strokes you can play all the time and you never miss. Something that annoys your opponent and gives you the upperhand to win a match. What is your go-to-move on the court? Are you aggressive with this move or are you waiting for errors? Many rackets compliment specific playstyles.


Babolat Pure Aero

This racket is ideal for advanced players because of its extremely advanced frame. This professional grade racket may even be one that you recognize as well. The Babolat Pure Aero is the one Rafael Nadal Nadal uses professionally and it’s available to the average consumer. He has used the AeroPro Drive series which was name “Pure Aero” last year by Babolat. Because of its stunning performance this has become an extremely popular racket which many consider the best tennis racket also for 2017.
The Pure Aero is definitely known for its amazing topspin. You can create some very tricky shots with this racket and drive your opponent crazy. The performance in this racket also adds to the appeal. Strikes can be powerful yet very well-placed. Part of the reason for this immense control and power comes from the cortex active technology which binds the frame and the handle together.

Babolat Pure Aero Stars n Stripes Version

This type of technology adds the power of every serve as well as improves the frame feedback for much softer shots. The design ensures that players can enjoy minimal feedback from the handle and grips and a greater sense of control on every shot. Removing vibrations from the shots also increase the longevity of the game with less arm strain in chance for injury.
Through the improvements in construction technology as well as the varying beams and high quality strings, this is a racket that has been studied aerodynamically for improvements in speed. It is nothing short of a professional grade racket and one that world-class tennis players now covet as well as beginners, amateurs and more. It’s so versatile and so controlled anyone’s game can increase just by trying this racket out. If you consider yourself as a player that gets an advantage over others by playing topspin this is a no brainer. At least give this racket a try and see for yourself what the immense spin does to your game (and to your opponents backhand ;))

NEW Pure Aero Roland Garros 2017 Available now!

Babolat has just announced their newest version of the Pure Aero. The Roland Garros 2017 version which looks amazing!

It also comes with a new bag bundled together.

  • PRO
  • Huge amount of topspin
  • Adds good power
  • Low vibration
  • Great design
  • CON
  • Maybe adds too much power
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#5 (Tie)

Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph

This racket is special because it’s been identified as one of the best beginners rackets for 2017 since it has been ahead of many rackets in 2016. Even advanced players and intermediates will find that this racket can definitely help their game. The racket is definitely directed at a defensive style of play for control and lightly tapping to move the ball into extremely well maneuvered spots. In other words, if you know how to play fast on your own without receiving fast balls and if you are a shotmaker surprising your opponent with clever shots, this is your racket. Any beginner or intermediate could consider investing in this value racquet and this can present a huge performance advantage if you are planning on improving your game.

Wilson is definitely known for its power and stability balance and the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph is a type of racket that you need to try to see its extreme precision. This is a great racket to carry for a doubles match or for a light volley and the defensive powers and maneuverability that this has can definitely elevate your skill in a tough match.
The stringing in this racket is definitely something of note as well. The way that Wilson designed the racket outside as well as the stringing motion in this product makes for more power as well as a greater sense of durability.

It’s definitely not made for strong volleys as this can break at the stitching but for regular defensive play this produces very low vibration and a very strong use. The dual tapered grips also ensure that you can get powerful shots even from a backhand or hitting the ball off balance.

  • PRO
  • Great shotmaker
  • Amazing defense
  • Crazy good precision
  • CON
  • None
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Head 2016 Graphene XT Radical Pro:

This tennis racquet first came out in the year 2015 but it has continued to see design revisions up until the year 2017. The product itself is made of it extremely light material called grapheme and that makes it very easy to move around and increase the speed of your swing. With a faster swing a much lighter tennis racket you can enjoy better power shots as well as less fatigue in your game. This light racket also introduces more control to your game if you are looking to enjoy better ball placement. As a result of the unique materials, design and the improvements this is a racket which benefits all types of playing styles. Regardless of how you play are what you are trying to improving your game, this racket can make aspects of the game easier as well as improve comfort. Overall this racket is the best from this list for a beginner that wants to get better in 2017.

With the top quality grips on this racket it becomes one of the best tennis racket for 2017 in term of feeling. It is really a shame that we tennisplayers have to change the natural grip from the racket very often. The Radical Pro is a beauty. The red looks amazing on the black / dark grey body. If you have never tried the Graphene XT technology this racket is one of the 2 that are really worth it.

  • PRO
  • Feels good on all shots
  • Great design
  • Shock reduction
  • CON
  • None
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Wilson 2017 Blade 98S Countervail

The new Wilson Blade 2017 is a very special racket especially with Wilson’s new technology: Countervail. In short this is a material that sends the energy from the ball to the frame and not the body resulting in less fatique and more control in long rallies. While I have never been able to get something good out of it for my game it is a weapon for players with an offensive playstyle. If you like to crush your forehand and don’t care about errors this is the best racket 2017 for you. I’ve mentioned it very often; the Wilson Blade is the forehand crusher. The speed the racket gives you is immense but has to be handled with care. The new Wilson Blade 98 2017 is similar to Babolat’s Pure Drive. The maneuverability of the racket comes in handy when you serve. The pace is insane and the forehand afterwards should close the deal very often. Here’s the 18×20 version:

On your returns the Blade shines the most. They feel like a piece of cake even if you try to be very aggressive. Overall this racket is great for intermediate to advanded tennis players that want to step up their game in 2017. If you like to attack – give the Wilson Blade 2017 a try! It is definelty a great racket and also the best wilson tennis racket.

  • PRO
  • Powerful racket
  • Great precision
  • Awesome returns
  • CON
  • Produces unforced errors
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Head Speed Graphene Touch Pro

One of the best tennis racquets 2017 by far. The Head Speed Graphene Touch Pro is the racket of choice from Novak Djokovic and his playstyle really helps describing this racket. It is an allrounder. Everything you try with this racket is possible. You can produce offensive shots while trusting the defensive abilities of the Head Speed Graphene Touch Pro. We rated it so good in our list of the best tennis racquets 2017 because it places first or second in almost any category. It’s the best tennis racket 2017 for beginners and intermediate players that want to step up their game. At the same time it is incredible good for almost all different playstyles. The chances are very high that you play good tennis with the Head Speed Graphene Touch Pro !

  • PRO
  • Great allround racket
  • Good for beginners and highly advanced players
  • Awesome design
  • CON
  • None
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So far so good. This is our favourite one and we’ve tested it for about 2 months on tournaments and in countless practice sessions! If you are truly interested in getting the most out of your game each one of these would be a fantastic choice for upgrading your racket. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player there are options here which are used professionally as well as budget friendly options which are designed to help give beginner or amateur players a huge boost to their tennis game.


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