Top 9 Best Tennis Strings 2018

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top 9 best tennis strings 2017
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When you are looking to buy your next set of tennis strings, it is vitally important that you understand what different types of string are available on the market. A lot of people often find themselves sticking with the same brand, or choosing a packet because they are the only ones available in their local shop. However, there are many different tennis strings available and many different types. These all suit different styles and will help or hinder your game, depending on if you are matched up with the right set of strings.

Make sure you research the available types of tennis strings, look at which type will best suit how you play and from that make a decision on what brand and model to buy. If you are playing with the wrong strings right now, you will see a big improvement in your game when you change over.

Types of Tennis Strings

  • Natural Gut Strings

    These are the original and most playable type of strings on the market, although they are not the most durable. If you use these and find you break a lot of strings, you will probably need to look elsewhere. The string is made from the gut of an animal, which is usually a sheep. They are favoured by players who have played with them for a very long time and offer a great mixture of benefits, without really offering one. You can get good power, good control and good spin from these strings, without them being a specialist in any of those three areas. However, these strings are also the most expensive and the least durable. That is why a lot of players are turning elsewhere and only the purists remain with these, and eventually these will become far less common in my opinion. These strings also struggle in wet conditions and are more likely to break in those conditions. This is something to think about if you currently use these, but you also play in the rain from time to time. Natural gut strings offer a feel that no man made string can offer, but technology is gradually taking over. The technological advancements made with other types of string will eventually leave these well behind.

  • Synthetic Gut Strings

    These have been produced using nylon strings and adding improvements. Their original purpose was to come out and compensate for the lack of durability you get with natural gut strings. That durability means they are a good choice for beginners, who don’t need specialist strings but they need something that will last. Players will get good power and control from these strings, along with a great sound when they hit the ball sweetly, although they do not offer much spin on the ball. You will see synthetic gut strings available in a wide range of colours, and if you see titanium strings on the market then they are simply synthetic strings with a titanium colour on them. You can use synthetic strings on their own, or with other string types but on their own they are great for beginners thanks to their durability and play.

  • Multifilament Strings

    Multifilament strings have used the technological advances in recent years to become better than the natural gut strings. This advancement in technology is eventually why natural gut strings will fade away as the multifilament version offers much better play. Thin strands are wound together when making these strings to provide varying levels of spin, power, control and durability. The majority of players will use multifilament strings as they offer the right balance between performance and durability for the majority of players. They are not the most durable strings you can buy, but that adds to their performance making them nice to play with. Multifilament strings also can help with anyone who has arm problems while playing tennis. They make hitting the ball feel easier as they have plenty of shock absorption power, great for those who want to protect injuries.

  • Durable Polyesters

    One of the newest string types to hit the market is the durable polyesters. As the name suggests, these are a very durable string. They are the best tennis strings for power and ideal for those that find themselves breaking a lot of tennis strings. This string originated on the pro circuit, with many professional players looking for a string that was durable and retained tension during games. However, they have now hit the market and many people are moving to them. They provide the optimum level of power, control and spin. People who use this type of string will often use it as a hybrid string, pairing it up with another type. This will offer a softer touch, and is a great way to play but if you find you break a lot of strings, you may be better playing with these strings alone. They are not recommended for youngsters or beginners as the impact on the arm with these strings is a lot tougher than with others. This could cause injury if you are not capable of playing with them. This section is where the Roger Federer tennis string falls, he uses a hybrid version, combining these with natural gut strings. While the Roger Federer tennis string is set up a different way to how you would do yours, you will still be able to get the same feel that he does from your strings.

  • Softer Polyesters and Multifilament Polyesters

    This is the latest idea thanks to some advancement in string technology. These strings offer the characteristics of a polyester string, with added support for the arm, although they are not as durable. They are for people who are happy to have strings that are not as durable, and are prepared to pay more but in return they get better support on the arm. You can use these strings as a full set, and as the advancements continue to come, I expect to see more of these hit the shops.

To help you decide which strings to buy, we have put together a list of the top 9 best tennis strings 2018 for you to view. Here we will share with you our best tennis strings for power, our best tennis strings for control and of course our number one, the best tennis strings 2018.



Head Synthetic Gut PPS Tennis String

The Head Synthetic Gut PPS Tennis String is a multifilament tennis string that combines together all round playing ability, with additional performance. This string is an all-rounder and provides you with a little bit of everything, while not specialising in one particular area of expertise. The string will give you added resilience and elasticity, which brings extra power to your game. As a multifilament string, they are not the most durable but they are favoured for most players. These strings are particularly good if you have an arm injury and they can help with the absorption of that.

  • PRO
  • Combines all round playing ability and adds additional performance
  • Gives a little bit of everything, power, control and spin
  • Added resilience and elasticity, which will add power to your game
  • Multifilament will suit most players, especially those with arm injuries
  • CON
  • String does not specialise in one area of expertise
  • Not as durable as other types of string on the market
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Head Rip Control Tennis String

The Head Rip Control Tennis String is a multifilament tennis string that offers all round support to your game. This particular string adds precision and control to your game, making it as close to a natural gut string as possible. You will see maximum playability from this string, along with great top spin and enhanced durability, making it a great all round string that players of any ability can play with. Being a multifilament these strings are favoured by most players and if you have an injury then this string will really help with that, giving a soft touch that protects your arm.

  • PRO
  • Offers all round support to your game
  • String specifically designed to help with precision and control in your game
  • Maximum playability, along with top spin and enhanced durability
  • Benefits and protects players who have arm injuries
  • CON
  • Does not specialise in one area of the game
  • Other types of string are more durable
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Völkl Cyclone Tour Tennis String

The Volkl Cyclone Tour Tennis String is a great new tennis string which is made by using soft polyester. This gives a better feel to the string, and offers enhanced control, power and spin when playing. However, they are not as durable as other types of string so make sure you consider this when buying. The string is twisted to generate even more bite and spin control on shots, so if this is something you are looking for then you need to look into buying these strings. Like multifilament strings, the soft polyester strings also cushion the blow when striking on your arm, so if you suffer from arm injuries they will help you with that.

  • PRO
  • New soft polyester type string which offers better control, spin and power
  • Twisted string to generate even more bite and spin control with this string
  • Cushions the blow on your arm which helps anyone with injuries
  • CON
  • These strings are not as durable as many others out there
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RPM Blast Black 16g Strings

The RPM Blast Black 16 Strings are a multifilament tennis string that offers users a great feel in many different areas. This is the Rafael Nadal tennis string, and also the string of choice for Jo-Wilfreid Tsonga. The RPM Blast is a very powerful string, thanks to its high density construction. The cross-linked silicon coating will provide you with great top spin from anywhere on the court, as well as providing extreme power in your shots. Being a multifilament string, this string is available for many players and with great durability it is the type of string that many people choose to play with.

  • PRO
  • The Rafael Nadal tennis string
  • Very powerful string that will hit with power from anywhere on the court
  • The string provides great top spin no matter where you are shooting from
  • Available for most players to use and feel a difference when playing
  • CON
  • Not as durable as other types of string
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Head Velocity MLT Tennis String

The Head Velocity MLT Tennis String is a great all round tennis string that is in the multifilament category. Due to this, a lot of people will find this string easy to play with and it offers great all round enhancements on your game. This string offers a great combination of power and touch, while it has also had the spin potential increased by adding a low friction coating to it. This is the string for those who want to see an all-round improvement in their game, without focusing on one area. Being a multifilament, it will also help ease the shock when hitting the ball, which is good news for those with arm injuries.

  • PRO
  • Great all round tennis string
  • Combination of power and touch in the string
  • Low friction coating added to the string to increase the spin potential
  • Reduces shock to help those with arm injuries
  • CON
  • You will not see a significant increase in power, spin or control with this string
  • Not as durable as some other types of string
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Kirschbaum Reel Synthetic Gut Tennis String

The Kirschbaum Reel Synthetic Gut Tennis String is a traditional string that is durable and the ideal choice for beginners who are just starting to play. Those who find they are stringing their rackets frequently will love the durability on this string, it is far superior to any natural gut string. Synthetic strings offer a great sound when you strike the ball sweetly, and also good power but you will not see much spin on the ball from your shots.

  • PRO
  • Traditional string that offers great durability
  • Ideal for beginners who need a string that will last them a long time
  • Offers a great sound when you hit the ball sweetly
  • Gives good power on shots
  • CON
  • Does not offer much spin on the ball
  • More expensive than many other types of string on the market
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Luxilon 4G Tennis String

The Luxilon 4G Tennis String is a fantastically made co-polymer string which comes under the soft polyester category. These strings use the latest technological advancements to give the ultimate performance when on court, while still offering durability at the same time. This string has Luxilon’s legendary power and spin to cater to players with an aggressive style of play. With maximum tension maintenance to provide durability, you are given a long lasting string that is becoming increasingly popular on the ATP tour. This string is a great top end tennis string that regular players will enjoy playing with, and certainly feel a difference with their game.

  • PRO
  • Uses the latest technology to give ultimate on court performance
  • Has Luxilon’s legendary power and spin, creating an aggressive style of play
  • Maximum tension maintenance provides good durability
  • Popular with many players on the ATP Tour
  • A top end string that feels like a quality product
  • CON
  • None
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Wilson Savage 127 Tennis String

The Wilson Savage 127 Tennis String is made from liquid crystalline polymer, meaning it has benefited from all the latest technological advancements. This string will really help players who are looking to hit a hard heavy shot and they will feel the additional power that this string provides. The unique six sided shape on the string also offers extreme spin potential, allowing players the chance to hit hard and with spin, a deadly combination. The string has average durability due to its make up, but offers a top end tennis string at a great price.

  • PRO
  • Great price for such a quality product
  • Full of the latest technological advancements
  • Helps players who want to hit the ball hard and heavy, giving them enhanced power
  • Six sided shape offers extreme spin potential on the ball
  • Top quality product that will really enhance your game
  • CON
  • Durability not the best, but the fantastic price more than makes up for it
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Luxilon ALU Power 125 Tennis Racquet String

The Luxilon ALU Power 125 Tennis Racquet String is a top end, high performance tennis string that will certainly improve your game. This is considered one of the finest string available and it will improve your feel and ball control when on the court. This co-polymer string is known for its resilience and durability, offering maximum performance and a long lasting life. The ALU Power is the most used string on the ATP tour and used by over 50% of the players, if they love it then you will love it too. The fibres used in this string will hold up well to heavy hitters, as well as providing a great finesse around the court for those who like to play delicate strokes. This set is the best tennis strings for control, and is our number one tennis string 2018. We love this string and we are sure you will love it too.

  • PRO
  • High end performance from a string that will improve your game
  • One of the finest strings available that improves your feel and ball control
  • Offers resilience and durability, giving maximum playing life
  • Holds up well to heavy hitters, while providing great touch on finesse shots
  • Most used string on tour, used by over 50% of players
  • CON
  • None
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When you purchase your next tennis strings, make sure you perform the right amount of research. People spend a lot of time researching a racquet, but when it comes to strings, many just stick with the ones they have always used, or the only ones available from their local store. Choosing your strings is a lot more important than that. Compare the different types of string to see which one would enhance your game the most, whilst still offering you the right amount of durability that you need. With so many types of string, everyone is different and they become a personal thing, make sure you are using the strings that suit you and will become personal to you.

Once you have the type of string you want in your head, take a look at the alternatives out there. Use our guide to help you decide which strings are the best for you. It may take time to realise which strings compliment your game the most, but once you do you will feel a lot better and you will see your game improve to another level, especially if you have been using the wrong strings for some time.

Changing your strings and making the decision to try something new could be the one thing that is missing from your game. You will see a benefit, and quite a considerable benefit if you move onto strings that really suit you, but until you change you will never find out.

Make the jump and try out some new strings today, choose the right style and the right model and watch just how much your game improves thanks to those new strings.

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