babolat pure drive 2017 leak

Babolat Pure Drive 2017 Leak

New Photos of a Babolat Pure Drive 2017 Leak Appeared

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We had it for the Pure Drive 2015 and for the Pure Aero from last year, leaks! And it seems like it is happening again. More and more photos of Babolat Pure Drive look alike rackets appear on the internet. The photos show an almost exact copy of the design of the older Pure Drive but with a nice blue ice color.

The label on the top left shows “Lite” and the other photo says “team” which means that there will be more versions of the racket. Most likely they stick with the standart versions like every year. Many players all over the world stated that they wish for a different paint job of their Pure Drive. The old blue was too boring for many. If true, the new Babolat Pure Drive 2017 looks pretty “chill”. The Pure Drive has always been the racket with the most power when not giving much power. Perfect for very good players but extremely dangerous and difficult for new players. However there is nothing known yet about any stats from the new Pure Drive 2017. They’ll most likely stick with the old powerhouse, add a new technology, some marketing on it and it’s done!

Pure Drive 2017 Release Date

The Pure Aero is the racket from Babolat that comes very close to the Pure Strike and even closer to the new PojectOne7 Pure Strike 2016. If you are looking for a new racket check out our list of Top 5 Tennis Rackets updated in October. It is unlikely for Babolat to release 2 Racquets in one year. They will surely announce the racket at the US Open 2017 and present them to us by giving them to all the professionals currently playing Babolat Pure Drive rackets.

Make sure to visit this site again, we will post photos of the new Pure Drive 2017 as soon as possible below!

Pure Drive 2017 SPECS

Of course these thoughts are only speculations but Babolat is known for only changing tiny details on their rackets. Very often the changes from an older to a newer version consists of making the playstyle of a particular racket more extrem. This means that Babolat likes to give for example the Pure Aero even more spin while the Pure Drive gets even more power for fast and heavy hitters. And that is what will happen with the Pure Drive 2017 ! My bet is that the racket gets a heavier and smaller head with the same technology.

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