7 Best Tennis Sensors 2020

If you’re a tennis player in 2019, you need a great tennis sensor. Tennis sensors use sensor tracking technology that helps you to see every stroke in better detail than ever before. For decades, professional tennis players used video analysis to see every stroke in slow motion detail.

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Today’s sensors tend to use mobile apps, Bluetooth, and sensors. This is the ideal combination of physics and technology to allow every tennis player to learn more and take control of their game.
This is our list of the best tennis sensors of 2018 (Updated in 2019). Anyone of these outstanding devices can help you improve your game and reduce the chances of injury.

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Best of the best list

The second generation of the Champion Smart Tennis Sensor breaks down every single shot you make. The app shows the exact spot where you made contact with the ball allowing you do really understand what to work on.

One of the best things about the sensor is that it fits to any racquet. It doesn't matter if you have a Wilson, Babolat, Head or Yonex, it will fit perfectly right at the bottom of your racquet.

Champontennis, the company behind this sensor also creating a platform to help you improve. The app comes with video tips, training sessions and strategy suggestions to make you a better player in combination with their sensor.

Your data is sent to the app via the newest version of Bluetooth. It may not sound like a big deal but we were surprised about the quality of the connection; Not a single disconnect during our test sessions.

The quality of the data is as good if not better than all other sensors we have tested. Combining the fact that there is a 55% SALE on the Champion Smart Tennis Sensor AND the 100% Money Back Guarantee AND if you use the code: "fourtylove" at checkout you get 10% OFF on top of the already discounted price, makes this a no-brainer.

What are you waiting for? Give it a try, record your training, analyze, improve and get better at the greatest sport in the world! You can always send it back and get your money back.


  • Precise measuring
  • Best Bang for the Buck
  • Attaches to ANY Racquet
  • 6 Hours of Battery Life
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Free Worldwide Shipping
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


  • didn't find anything negative

Our Rating



Using a mobile app linked via Bluetooth to a clip on your racket, you can see everything about every swing: speed, spin, sweet spot accuracy, and more. This real-time sensor starts recording as soon as you start playing. It transfers data instantly to your smartphone and their exclusive mobile app. The app provides an easy to read display that gives you speed, spin, and sweet spot accuracy. It’s like having a tennis instructor in your pocket.

The clip fits onto any racket with a twist-and-lock design. It only weighs 8 grams, so it won’t affect your swing, but it will help you change the way that you play.

Once the practice is over, you can review every stroke to see how successful you are and begin to improve your consistency. A video playback option lets you use the app to record your practice and see each stroke with the analysis of it on the screen. See if your backhand is missing the sweet spot or what you need to do improve your forehand.

Compare your performance with other users, seeing where you stand against a group. You can even arrange groups and compete against a community of others.

The QLIPP is an easy and economical way to get advanced data about your tennis strokes and see yourself progress.


  • See statistics instantly
  • Fits to almost every racket
  • Comparision feature


Our Rating


The Zepp is an evolution in tennis analysis. This device uses a sensor mounted on the butt of the racquet where it will have the least effect on your swing. It then sends information to your smartphone about every swing and every stroke. The list of data that the Zepp records are impressive:

  • Sweet spot accuracy
  • Ball speed
  • Ball pin speed serve
  • Forehand vs backhand strokes
  • Smash
  • Volley
  • Topspin
  • Drive
  • Slice
  • Active time
  • Calories burned

You can use the video function to create your own highlight reels of your match or practice. The reels are professional- looking and perfect for analyzing the video and the physics of your game.

There is a Zepp community of tennis players that can use the apps social function to plan meet-ups, track progress, share your favorite moments.

You match results can be entered onto the leaderboard so you can track your progress and power against other Zepp users.

The sensor is attached to your racket in any of three different ways: The Pro Mount is simply stuck to the butt of the racquet; the Flex Mount uses an adapter to fit on any racquet and can be removed and reused easily, and the Insert Mount that sets into certain racquets by replacing the end cap.

The Zepp sensor and app provide a level of data that wasn’t available even a few years ago. This is the ideal answer for anyone who would like to improve their game and discover new players to share their passion with.


  • Tracks almost every possible statistic
  • Community feature
  • 3 different fitting types


Our Rating


One of the world’s largest tennis equipment manufacturers, HEAD, has partnered with Zepp to create a world-class tennis sensor that is durable, accurate, and incredibly powerful.
It offers multiple modes and features:

  • Play Mode - Record and review every shot, showing speed, rpm, and sweet spot accuracy.
  • Train Mode - This mode helps you track every swing of the racquet while you’re practicing. The Review mode allows you to see and visualize everything later in quiet.
  • 3D Serve Animation - By being able to see a 3D representation of your serve, you can use actual data to improve and control this most important start to every volley.
  • Challenge Mode - Switch modes and go Head-to-head with your favorite arch-nemesis or in doubles
  • Water-repellant - Never let a little sweat or rain ruin your investment. The HEAD Tennis Sensor is water-repellent to last for years.
  • Compatible with HEAD racquets - Turn your HEAD racquet in your biggest asset. Compatible with HEAD Graphene XT and HEAD Graphene Touch racquets.

If you’re a player that loves their HEAD racquets, and there are millions of you, this is the perfect tennis sensor for you. Created by two names you can trust, HEAD and Zepp, this is the ideal accessory for your racquet and the perfect way to up your game!


  • Different modes for quick setup
  • Fits perfectly to your HEAD racket (replaces the cap)


  • Only works with HEAD racquets

Our Rating


If you’re going to buy a piece of advanced electronic equipment, who better to buy it from than one of the world’s leading names in electronics, Sony.

Compatible with Wilson, HEAD, Prince, and Yonex racquets, Sony has created a truly global community to help train you better and strengthen your game.

Worldwide shot data - Imagine being able to see what tens of thousands are players are doing around the world. Sony brings that to you, along with lesson videos to help you improve every single stroke.

Share your tennis videos - Professional quality production helps you create videos that you can share and watch view PlayMemories Home on a PC. See every move in vivid color to be able to analyze your play and celebrate your successes.

The butt of the racquet - The Smart Sensor attaches to the butt of your racquet and reports everything from your swing speed, to topspin to ball impact spot and much, much more.

Android or iOS - The mobile app, designed exclusively for Sony Smart Tennis Sensor, works on all major phone platforms. Easy to read data allows you to adjust your swings on the fly.

Review your data - Your data is recorded and stored in a smartphone so that you can review your games by shot type. Reports are automatically created so that you can analyze play with ease. You can even combine your data over time to see your progress.

The Sony Smart Tennis Sensor is a complete sensor and app. As a bonus, it will even feed information directly to your Sony Smartwatch, allowing you to see data instantly, right on your wrist.

Our Rating


  • Works with Sony Smartwatches
  • Works with many racquet manufacturers
  • App works on Android and iOS



The PIQ Babolat is a different style of the sensor. Instead of being on the racquet, the Babolat is worn on the wrist. It provides you with real-time, on-wrist data. You can see how fast each stroke was on the super-bright display on your wrist.

The PIQ Robot analyzes your shots using your wrist and hand movement. When you’re done, you can see your stroke rates, types of strokes played, and the patterns that are inherent in your game. This different type of data lets you manage more than a single stroke, but the overall tempo and structure of your game.

The global Babolat community is the perfect place to see how others are doing, set goals for yourself, and work to make the leaderboard in your own country.

Babolat has deep roots, founded in 1875 in Lyon, France. Today, they are one of the leading innovators of racquets and tennis science, as the favorite of many of the world’s great tennis champions.

When an on-racquet sensor isn’t what you’d like or if you’re looking for that extra data points, the Babolat PIQ Wearable Tennis Swing Analyzer is a perfect choice.


  • You wear it on the wrist and do not change the physics of your racquet
  • advanced data tracking


  • you wear it on the wrist (some players don't like that)

Our Rating


An earlier incarnation of the Swing Analyzer is the POP Tennis Sensor. This was the first wristband tennis analyzer from Babolat.

  • The first wristband dedicated exclusively to tennis.
  • Pairs with a smartphone to provide clear, readable data about every stroke
  • Works with Apple and Android phones
  • The POP wristband includes competition modes and even games modes
  • There's a social function to share with friends.

An inexpensive, but powerful, tennis sensor, Babolat POP is a great choice for anyone who would like to do better at their tennis game without a large investment.


  • first wristband sensor
  • supports Android and iOS
  • Different modes


Our Rating


The ultimate tennis sensor is not a sensor at all but a world-class Babolat tennis racquet, Babolat Pure Aero Play Tennis Racquet. The Pure Aero Play Tennis Racquet is Rafael Nadal's racquet of choice and the company’s most advanced racquet. The Aero Play has a built-in sensor that sends data to a smartphone, allowing you to review everything that you do, every stroke and match recorded and made easy to analyze. The AeroModular 2 wing shaft design and Frame String Interaction Spin Technology. The Cortex system that has been a vital part of the AeroModular design has been placed on the inside for added strength. This helps to reduce bad vibrations on the racquet, making play easier and smoother. Woofer grommets have been moved to the midsection of the frame. A strong swing weight makes plow through from the baseline and power. They’ve also added Frame String Interaction (FSI) Technology that provides enhanced string movement. The sensor system ties directly into your smartphone, providing details of swing speed, ball spin, and more. The Pure Aero Play Tennis Racquet is designed into the racquet to give the absolute most accurate and powerful system in the world.


  • Built-in sensor
  • one of the most advanced tracking technologies
  • One of the best racquets for the last 6 years


  • a whole new raquet, not just a sensor

Our Rating

Did you know?

Using Tennis Sensors to Improve Your Game

The power of tennis sensors is their ability to show you where your swing is at every time. When you analyze your tennis game, you’re able to modify everything from your swing, your stance, and even the pace of your game.

The new technologies are amazing at catching every stroke and nuance of your game. Better than simply using video, these sensors can give you information on every single moment of your game.

These 7 best tennis sensors are 2019’s most powerful game improvement technology. With these, you can change your game at a moment’s notice.

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