Top 9 Best Tennis Bags and Tennis Backpacks 2019

Top 9 Best Tennis Bags and Tennis Backpacks 2019

Every tennisplayer needs a tennis bag or a tennis backpack. And sometimes you need a new one since your old racketholder is dirty and looks wasted and years old. We have collected the 9 best tennis bags 2019 and backpacks for 2019. The list consists of tennis bags from your favourite brands like Wilson, Head, Prince and Babolat but also includes designer tennis bags and designer tennis backpacks from All For Colour and Court Couture. Have fun checking out our list!

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HEAD Unisex’s Tour Team Racket Bag, Black/Mint, One Size


The best tennis backpack 2018 from Head is the Head Tour Team Backpack. It is 13 inches lon, 20 inches wide and 89 inches high. You can easily fit in 2 rackets, something to drink and maybe a fresh shirt. It also comes with a front pocket for your wallet or smartphone. When looking for a tennis backpack you should definetly look out for those bags due to the sand and other dirt that comes with tennis balls etc. It also has a side pocket that is quite big. The Head Tour Team Backpack is also a very cheap tennis backpack.

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Wilson RF DNA Tennis Backpack- Red, One Size

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The Wilson Federer Team Collection Fed Team in Black is signed by Federer and comes in the dimensions 29 x 11 x 12 inch. The straps are adjustable and as all Wilson Tennis bags have a good quality and feel to it. It is also big enough to fit 6 rackets in it. Of course this one has enough space for accessoires etc. If you put 2-3 rackets in it you can put enough stuff in it for a small journey. Perfect for short tournaments!

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The Prince Men’s 3-Pack has the dimensions 29 x 12 x 4 inch and comes in black/blue or black/pink colors. Featuring space for 3 rackets, accesoires, clothing and a very nice design makes this tennis bag one of the best picks especially if you see the price. One of the cheap tennis bags on this list.

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Good and expensive looking. That’s what you get from these designer tennis bags all day long. The Court Couture Barcelona Designer Tennis Bag is on the upper part of the price list for tennis bags but looks phenomenal. It has a big metal lock on the front and enough space for 2 rackets, ball can, water bottle and other necessities. The dimensions are 30 x 13.5 x 3 inch and is made of snake pattern and faux leather. Get your girl of of these designer tennis bags!

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NIKE Heritage Backpack 2.0, Black/Black/White, Misc


Everyone’s favourite tennis brand Nike surely is on this list and I own all 3 of the colorways. You can put up to 3 racquets into the Nike Court Tech Backpack 2.0 and still get some accessoires into the side pockets. Additionally Nike integrated a large front pocket designed for your tennis shoes (Top 5 Tennis Shoes 2017). It’s made of a Densely-woven material that provides great durability even in the rain. This is the best tennis backpack you can get at the moment.

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Sucipi Tennis Bag Professional Tennis Backpack for Men and Women Racket Bags with Ventilated Shoe Compartment, Holds 2 Tennis Rackets, Pickleball Paddles

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The next designer tennis bag on our list is a beautiful backpack that you can use as a regular one with ease. It has such an amazing quality that makes the price reasonable. The Court Couture Hampton Perforated Tennis Backpack is a good choice if you value fashionable gear for your game. It is big enough for 2 rackets and everything you need for a good practice session like bottles, tennis shoes and tennis balls. The main compartment has a zipper pocket and 2 open pockets on the opposite wall. The padding is completely lined with polka dots cottom lining. You can detach and adjust the straps to change the backpack to a sling bag.

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Babolat Club Line 6 Pack Tennis Bag – Yellow

Babolat has always done a great job in creating tennis bags especially when they create big bags for their flagship rackets. It has 2 large racket pockets and 1 small pocket on the front. You can also access a small pocket inside to carry small things such as a wallet, keys or cellphone. You can’t go wrong with this Babolat Tennis Bag for such a good price. If you want to have a bigger racket that has space for 6 more rackets check out the last item on this list of tennis bags.

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Rejolly Tennis Shoulder Bag for Women Large Water Resistant Tote Handbag for Tennis Racket, Pickleball Paddles, Badminton Racquet (Pink New)

The most colorful tennis bag on the list. The All For Color Tennis Bags are extremely famous in the world of fashionable tennis gear. When you play somewhere and see people with these bag, you are in a nice club! They are a not even expensive and have storage for 2 rackets and important stuff for tennis and a unique look that can be carried on the street or in the school. They have a very solid zipper on top with good quality protecting your stuff. The All For Color Tennis Bags are totally worth it!

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Babolat BP Pure Aero Backpack Black/Yellow AH 2020


The absolute best tennis bag in 2019 is the newest bag by Babolat. The raccketholder for the Pure Aero has everything you need and is the reason I carry it with me everytime I go on court. It has two racquet pockets with Isothermal climate protection preventing your racket strings from losing tension (stuff a pro needs!)
It features and very big middle compartment with a zipper formed like a U. One of the best things are the large and small pockets all over the racketholder. On the top of the bag behind a plastic window you can design and put in your own customizable bag tag. Of course it has adjustable shoulder straps with a nice and soft padding. The dimensions are: L31″ x H15″ x W18″. Not only the best Babolat Tennis bag but the BEST TENNIS BAG 2019!

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