5 Crucial Steps To Always Miss Your Serve

5 Crucial Steps To Always Miss Your Serve

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The serve is the absolute most useless stroke in tennis. Everyone knows that. Therefore I wrote this article to finally debunk all the myths about the serve and make clear how to miss it everytime so that you can move on and practice important things like your forehand down-the-line. If you have a good serve I’m sorry but I have to tell you that you’ve wasted a lot of time an energy practicing a useless stroke. How should it be possible to hit the ball inside such a small area?

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Being able to fire the first ball of the rally with no interference onto your opponent with 120+ mph only makes it come back faster than you can even recover from that weird ass motion. Please don’t tell me that you got so much into that s##t practicing a second serve with kick just to make you feel like Roger Federer! Oh boy, you should’ve definitely spend that time working on your forehand down-the-line..

How to always miss your serve


In general, legs are not important for tennis at all but especially useless for the serve. Bending down and generating tons of power just makes it impossible to coordinate your ball toss and swing; which is already hard enough! Coaches will tell you that the legs generate power and that it’s bad to only get your power out of your arms and shoulders. They also say it is more healthy and lets you play injury free. Let’s be serious here; you’ll win 1 or 2 Slams, take the money and stop playing tennis anyways. I’ll get my health back laying at my pool watching my own “crushing down-the-line-forehand winners by Timo GD Tribute” on YouTube!


Maybe the most important factor to always miss your serve is your mind. Do NOT take your time to concentrate before each serve and please trust me with this one.. picture how the ball flies right into the net or 2 feet wide. It helps a lot achieving the desired double fault! Something I discovered over the years is the importance of stiffness in your whole body when serving a second serve. Concentrate on throwing the ball as slow as possible into the opponents field and do not swing freely. This will guarantee at least a bad serve, which is already close to our ultimate goal, the double fault. If you read this article so far, GOOD JOB, you are already a much better player, aren’t you?


Whenever your coach shows you a new grip (he calls it the “correct grip”) hit a few serves with the frame and give up.


This tennis racquet first came out in the year 2015 but it has continued to see design revisions up until the year 2022. The product itself is made of it extremely light material called grapheme and that makes it very easy to move around and increase the speed of your swing. With a faster swing a much lighter tennis racket you can enjoy better power shots as well as less fatigue in your game. This light racket also introduces more control to your game if you are looking to enjoy better ball placement. As a result of the unique materials, design and the improvements this is a racket which benefits all types of playing styles. Regardless of how you play are what you are trying to improving your game, this racket can make aspects of the game easier as well as improve comfort. With the top quality grips on this racket it becomes one of the best tennis racket for 2022.


This one is the most important and also the easiest one. DO NOT PRACTICE YOUR SERVE! Every single stroke in tennis can only become perfect if you repeat it; except for the serve. It will never get better and therefore is just a waste of time. Everytime I see someone with a bucket full of tennis balls hitting hundreds of serves I always go straight to them, slap them in the face and challenge them to a down-the-line contest.

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