Dunlop CX 2024 [REVIEW]
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Dunlop CX 2024 [REVIEW]

The new CX 2024 is here, and it’s not just a simple update but an entirely new frame. Is everything better? I put it to the test!

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  • The key information about the Dunlop CX 2024
  • New mold, meaning a completely new frame!
  • Even more “box-shaped” frame than its predecessor
  • The new Dunlop CX 2024 now incorporates all the new Dunlop technologies
  • Powergrid Stringtech+ for even more power and spin in the sweet spot
  • Updated design with a very modern look

What’s New with the Dunlop CX 2024?

Dunlop has crafted a completely new mold for the new CX 2024. The frame is cast from a new shape, making it significantly different from its predecessor. Additionally, the new frame incorporates several new technologies and comes in a vibrant new red color. Before I test the racket, here’s Dunlop’s claim that the new CX 2024 offers a few percentage points more power and spin than its competitors:

Here is an overview of the new and old technologies in the Percept compared to the old VCore Pro.


Technologies Yonex Percept Yonex VCore Pro
Stiff Racket Face Design
Lock Booster
Servo Filter
Flexcon System + 2G-NAMD Flex Force

Dunlop CX 2024 Release Date

The new CX 2024 will be released on January 15, 2024, and will be available in stores (such as Tennis-Point) from that date. After all these years, Dunlop introduces a completely new frame, which has undoubtedly undergone sufficient testing (here’s a proof photo):

Dunlop CX 2024

What is a “CX”?

The CX is the control variant from Dunlop. It falls into the same category as the Wilson Blade or the HEAD Radical.

Technologies in the Dunlop CX 2024

Here, all the technologies in the Dunlop CX 2024 are explained in an easily understandable manner:

Sonic Core

How does Sonic Core work?

Sonic Core is an extremely elastic and lightweight material incorporated at the 2 and 10 o’clock positions in the frame.

It reduces vibrations and makes the frame slightly softer than its predecessor.

What does Sonic Core bring?

Sonic Core is gentle on the arm and gives the CX 2024 a very intriguing, albeit challenging to explain, playing feel.



How does Vibroshield work?

Dunlop has integrated a specific elastic material in the frame of the CX 2024 that absorbs vibrations.

What does Vibroshield bring?

Essentially, it enhances the effect of Sonic Core.


Powergrid Stringtech+

How does Powergrid Stringtech+ work?

The entire stringing area in the Dunlop CX 2024 is larger, providing a larger sweet spot.

What does Powergrid Stringtech+ bring?

A larger sweet spot means that the ball comes out with good control and power not only from the exact center of the stringing but also slightly off-center.


Control Frame Geometry

How does Control Frame Geometry work?

Dunlop describes this technology as the modernization of the frame shape. The upper part of the frame has been made concave, allowing for more string movement.

Here’s a photo of the cross-section of the old CX frame and next to it with the new Control Frame Geometry.

Old CX:

New CX 2024:

What does Control Frame Geometry bring?

According to Dunlop, this innovative frame shape stabilizes the racket, leading to a softer feel and more control. The increased string movement at impact brings more spin and power.


The new CX 2024 comes in two distinct shades of red and features a significantly more minimalist design. In the Japanese presentation, the red is referred to as “Shin Red.”

The new shape also stands out, as the CX 2024 is slightly more angular than its predecessor.


The Dunlop CX 2024 is available in a total of 8 different variants suitable for beginners to advanced players:

  • Dunlop CX 200 Tour
  • Dunlop CX 200 Tour 16×19
  • Dunlop CX 200
  • Dunlop CX 200 LS
  • Dunlop CX 200 OS
  • Dunlop CX 400 Tour
  • Dunlop CX 400
  • Dunlop CX Team 100


CX 200 Tour CX 200 Tour 16×19 CX 200 CX 200 LS CX 200 OS CX 400 Tour CX 400 CX Team 100
Head (cm²) 613 613 632 632 677 645 645 645
Head (in²) 95 95 98 98 105 100 100 100
Length (cm) 68.6 68.6 68.6 68.6 68.6 68.6 68.6 68.6
Length (in) 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27
String Pattern 18 x 20 16 x 19 16 x 19 16 x 19 16 x 19 16 x 19 16 x 19 16 x 19
Balance Point 310 mm 310 mm 315 mm 325 mm 325 mm 320 mm 330 mm 325 mm
Unstrung Weight (g) 315 310 305 290 295 300 285 275
Unstrung Weight (oz) 11.1 11.3 10.8 10.2 10.4 10.6 10.1 9.7


Professional Players

These players “use” or endorse the Dunlop CX 2024:

Please note that the rackets they use are likely to be special models not available in stores. They may resemble the Dunlop CX 2024, as the racket has been painted accordingly by Dunlop.

Yonex Percept Review

Finally, let’s get to the important part that you’re probably here for. The test!

Independent & Unbiased

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Rackets Tested


Hits per Racket


Hours Tested




In the first forehand, it’s immediately noticeable that you don’t just have an “update” from the old CX in your hand but an entirely new frame. The balls are noticeably more powerful than its predecessor. Consequently, the frame also generates more spin. This is crucial, as power and spin were the two major points of criticism I had for the predecessor.

I particularly noticed the CX 200, with its 98-square-inch head, which will likely appeal to most advanced players.


Volleys feel very solid (as they should with a control racket) and can be placed precisely.


Serving feels really good with all CX rackets. However, I didn’t expect much here, as a control racket’s primary task is to allow for precise serving rather than providing excessive power.


What I Like About the CX 2024

The slightly softer frame, combined with more power and spin, is actually an improvement in every aspect compared to its predecessor. So, I can confidently say that I really like EVERYTHING about the CX 2024. A very strong frame for the new year.

Well done, Dunlop.

Dunlop CX 200

Among the variants of the new CX 2024, the one that appealed to me the most is the CX 200.

What I Don’t Like About the CX 2024

At most, the color, but as is well known, that varies for everyone.

Who is the CX 2024 Suitable For?

The CX 2024 is suitable for players with clean technique who may not be comfortable with the Prestige. In this case, testing the Gravity or Blades would be a good decision, or alternatively, trying out the new CX 2024.

The CX feels like a modern version of the Prestige, with added spin and power.

Who is the CX 2024 Not Suitable For?

Players who heavily rely on generating strong spin with every shot may want to try out other rackets first. The new CX 2024 offers significantly more spin and power than its predecessor, but we’re not talking about the level of a Babolat Pure Aero or HEAD Extreme.


Should I Switch to or Upgrade to the New CX 2024?

Yes, you should.

Normally, I don’t recommend switching from one generation to the next. If you can upgrade two or three generations, that’s a different story, especially with a completely new mold.

If you’re sure you want to stick with the CX series, I would definitely keep an eye out for the 2024 model, as it outperforms the predecessor in every aspect.


Of course you can also ask me questions about the new Dunlop CX 2024 in the comments.

I’m happy to help you out.

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