Dunlop FX 500 | 2023 [REVIEW]
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Dunlop FX 500 | 2023 [REVIEW]

The Dunlop FX 500 shows itself in the test as a significantly improved version to the predecessor in all areas. Absolute power with a lot of control!

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  • The most important things about the Dunlop FX 500 (2023 version)
  • Ball stays extremely long in the racket and is therefore very precise
  • Slightly softer and more arm-friendly than its predecessor
  • Very easy to play

What’s new with the FX 500?

Dunlop has made the FX 500 a bit softer and now has a RA value of 69. You definitely feel the effect of the new technologies in the frame and it makes it much more arm-friendly and easier to play than its predecessor.

It hasn’t lost any power at all, but rather gained some, which is actually unusual since the frame hardness has been reduced.

Dunlop FX 500

What’s a “FX 500”?

Most people probably don’t even know this, but Dunlop used to be the world leader in tennis racquets.

The first metal tennis racquet was developed by Dunlop and the legend Rod Laver (and many others) won a lot of titles with Dunlop racquets.

Already 10 years ago there was an “F” series at Dunlop which is now called “FX” and stands for “Force” or “Power” and is therefore the counterpart to the other Blue Rackets (Pure Drive, Ultra).

Why the “500”? I have no idea. No value of the technical details suggests the “500”. If you know it, please enlighten me in the comments :P.

Technologies in the FX 500

Here are all the technologies in the [Model] explained in an easy to understand way:


Sonic Core

How does Sonic Core work?

Sonic Core is an extremely elastic and light material, which is installed in the 2 and 10 o’clock position in the frame.

It reduces vibrations and makes the frame a bit softer than its predecessor.


What does Sonic Core do for me?

Sonice Core protects the arm and gives the FX 500 a very interesting but hard to explain playing feeling.


Power Boost+Groove

How does Power Boost+Groove work?

A wider and deeper groove, which is built into the racquet frame, causes the strings to be pulled back more upon impact.


What does Power Boost+Groove do for me?

Since the strings are pulled back more, the ball is catapulted back faster. So you get more power for your shots.


Power Grid String Tech

How does Power Grid String Tech work?

The strings move a bit more due to a new arrangement of the grommets. In addition, the sweet spot has become a bit more effective in the upper part of the racquet, similar to Yonex racquets.


What does Power Grid String Tech do for me?

The power and spin transfer from the racquet to the ball is better when hitting above the sweet spot. More spin and power for you!


Power Boost Frame Geometry

How does Power Boost Frame Geometry work?

The shaft is much more stable due to the aerodynamic shape and can be moved better and faster. Does Dunlop test this in a wind tunnel, like Porsche? 😛


What does Power Boost Frame Geometry do for me?

It is easier to move the racquet faster. So you should be able to act better in defense and have more power through a higher racquet head speed in offense.


As always with Dunlop in recent years, the FX is kept very simple. And of course it’s blue, because blue = power.



You can buy the Dunlop FX 500 in the following variations:
I tested the FX 500.

  • Dunlop FX 500
  • Dunlop FX 500 Tour
  • Dunlop FX 500 LS
  • Dunlop FX 500 Lite
  • Dunlop FX 700
  • VCORE 25


FX 500 TOUR FX 500 FX 500 LS FX 500 LITE FX 700
Länge 68.6 / 27 68.6 / 27 68.6 / 27 68.6 / 27 69.8 / 27.5
Schlägerkopf 632 / 98 645 / 100 645 / 100 645 / 100 690 / 107
Rahmenbreite 21-23-21 23-26-23 23-26-23 23-26-23 23-27-23
Gewicht 305 / 10.8 300 / 10.6 285 / 10.1 270 / 9.5 265 / 9.3
RA-Wert 66 69 69 69 69
Balance 315 320 325 330 340
Saitenverhältnis 16×19 16×19 16×19 16×18 16×18

Pro Players

These players “play” or advertise the Dunlop FX 500.

Please note that these racquets are probably special frames that are not available in stores. They just look like the FX 500, because the racquet has been given the appropriate paint job by Dunlop.

  • Jack Draper
  • Max Purcell

Dunlop FX 500 (2023) Review

Finally, let’s get to the important part that you’re probably here for. The test!

Independent & Unbiased

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Rackets Tested


Hits per Racket


Hours Tested




The first feedback I got from the racquet is: Power!

The FX 500 generates a very good length in the shots on its own, similar to the Pure Drive or Wilson Ultra.

Before the test, I had actually thought that I would make a lot of unforced errors with the FX 500, but I was very positively surprised, because it has an incredible amount of control.

The so-called ball-pocketing, i.e. how long the ball stays in the string, is insane! This makes it very easy to place the ball precisely and I could almost always hit through without fear of errors.

I was also very surprised by the spin the FX 500 has packed. Similar to Jack Draper, I could not only hit the balls fast, but also spinny and thus avoid errors and put the opponent in a tight spot due to the high and fast bounce.


The large sweetspot of the 100 racket head helps a lot and makes the FX 500 a forgiving racket at the net. The not too heavy weight helps to move the Dunlop quickly.

With the very pronounced pocketing, you also have a lot of control over the ball at the net.

However, the length of my volleys was a bit critical as the frame has more power than I am used to. Here you have to be careful when changing, otherwise all volleys will sail behind the baseline.


Serving with the FX 500 is very easy and, above all, very fast. The racket is not particularly heavy and generates plenty of speed all by itself.
It’s also spinny enough to whittle kick serves or a slice into the field.


It is very easy to return the FX 500 long into the field, as often only a small swing is enough for the necessary length.

When things get hectic, however, I had some problems controlling the extra power of the FX 500. If I didn’t get behind the ball, it usually sailed too far.

What I like about FX 500

The improved Power Boost+ Groove System is an incredible improvement and currently my candidate for the best “new” technology in a tennis racket 2023.

The even deeper groove into which the eyes slip into the sweet spot creates a super feel and ball-pocketing that creates a perfect mix with a racket with so much power.

I also like the extra control and spin. The feeling in the sweet spot is also a plus for the new FX 500.

What I do Not Like about the FX 500

It doesn’t happen often, but I couldn’t find anything negative about the FX 500.

Who is the FX 500 for?

The FX 500 has a lot of power and enough spin for the necessary control and should therefore be used by players who like to work with speed. 

Who is the FX 500 not for?

Players who need ultimate control will probably not like a power racket like the FX 500. However, these players will not like a power racket and will tend to prefer a prestige.

For players who mainly act with spin and like to play the ball in a high arc, the FX 500 is probably too powerful and the SX series would be better.

Should I switch or upgrade to the new FX 500?

Upgrade from older version?


The 2023 FX 500 is significantly better in all areas than its predecessor. It generates a lot more spin, at least as much power, lets you control better and feels twice as good. I am always careful with my upgrade recommendations, but the new FX 500 makes it very easy for me to recommend the new racket.


Babolat Pure Drive / Wilson Ultra vs. Dunlop FX 500

In my opinion, the new FX 500 is the better version of the Pure Drive or Wilson Ultra.

It generates more spin and thus is better controlled than its competitors. It is also powerful enough to snip kick serves or slices into the field. Hat off Dunlop, top racket!


Of course you can also ask me questions about the new Dunlop FX 500 2023 version in the comments.

I’m happy to help you out.

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