HEAD Prestige 2020 Graphene 360+

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HEAD is going to release the newest generation of its Prestige – series soon. Here are all the information I could get so far:


Overall theme for the new Prestige 2020 is RED. Red everywhere. Really bold design that looks great in my opinion. Very aggressive looking racquet!

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Obviously the new HEAD Prestige 2020 comes with Graphene 360+ replacing the old Graphene technology. Graphene 360+ adds Spiral Fibers into the shoulders of the racquet making the energy transfer from swing to ball much more efficient.


The new Prestige comes in five different models: MID, PRO, MP, TOUR and S.

Headsize600cm² / 90in²615cm² / 95in²630cm² / 97.5in²640cm² / 99in²640cm² / 99in²
Weight320g / 11.3oz315g / 11.1oz320g / 11.3oz305g / 11.8oz295g / 10.4oz
Length685mm / 27in685mm / 27in685mm / 27in685mm / 27in685mm / 27in
Strings16 / 1916 / 1918 / 2018 / 1916 / 19

Release Date

The pre-order for the Prestige starts on the 2nd January 2020. The official launch when the racquet will be shipped and sold in stores is the 16th January 2020.

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