HEAD Speed 2024 [REVIEW]
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HEAD Speed 2024 [REVIEW]

Discover Everything About the Latest Developments in the HEAD Speed 2024 Tennis Racket. From innovative design changes to enhanced gameplay features, our comprehensive test covers all five variants. Which racket suits your playing style? Find out as we examine the Team, MP, MP L, Pro, and PWR versions. We provide insights from baseline play to volleys and serving, explaining who the HEAD Speed 2024 is suitable for. Additionally, we compare it with the predecessor model and discuss why the MP could be the standout choice. Immerse yourself in the world of the best-selling tennis racket.

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  • The Essentials about the HEAD Speed 2024
  • First Speed featuring the new Auxetic 2.0 Technology
  • Increased Power and Spin with a higher swing weight
  • Matte finish, looks great!
  • No new mold, so mostly the same frame as the last generation

What’s New with the Speed 2024?


HEAD has slightly extended the racket and made the frame thinner, allowing the Team model to better fit into the lineup of the other Speed models.


The most important racket in HEAD’s Speed series, as it sells the most, has undergone a few minor changes. The Stiffness Rating (RA), or frame stiffness, has been reduced to 60. However, the most significant change relates to the swing weight, which has been increased by a whole 10 grams, now reaching 330.


Technologies Speed 2024 Speed 2021
Auxetic 2.0
Graphene Inside
Power Grommets
Directional Drilling
Speed Pattern
Speed Beam

HEAD Speed 2024

What is a “Speed”?

The Speed is arguably the most crucial racket for HEAD, and this importance stems from two interconnected reasons. Not only does the Speed series outsell all other HEAD tennis rackets, but it also surpasses all tennis rackets in Europe in terms of sales. This can be attributed to two main factors: the Speed has consistently proven to be an excellent racket, and it serves as an absolute all-rounder, appealing to the widest range of tennis players worldwide.

The Speed excels in all categories (spin, power, control), making it suitable for almost every player.

Technologies in the HEAD Speed 2024

Here are all the technologies in the HEAD Speed 2024 explained in an easy-to-understand way:

HEAD Auxetic 2.0


How does Auxetic 2.0 work?

The Auxetic technology causes the fibers in the frame to expand and contract in a specific way upon impact.

One of the two engineers behind the new Gravity and many other HEAD rackets, Stefan Mohr, provided this model for illustration:

head auxetic presentation

What does Auxetic do for me?

Auxetic gives the racket a significantly more stable feel on impact. The sweet spot also feels much crisper.

I should mention that Auxetic, for example, may not feel as good in the Prestige as it does in the Gravity or Speed. Perhaps that’s because the Prestige is already “touchy” enough.


HEAD Speed Pattern Technology

How does Speed Pattern work?

Speed Pattern describes the wide string pattern where the distances between the strings are higher.


What does Speed Pattern do for me?

Another string pattern gives the racket more power and spin.


power grommets

How do Power Grommets work?

Power Grommets are enlarged eyelets designed to give the string more freedom of movement, thereby generating more power transfer.


What do Power Grommets do for me?

The moving eyelets give your racket an additional trampoline effect, generating more power and spin.


directional drilling

How does Directional Drilling work?

I still don’t understand Directional Drilling. If you know, please write it in the comments under this post.


What does Directional Drilling do for me?

We remain curious, but it’s surely great!


graphene inside technologies

How does Graphene Inside work?

Graphene is a material that has been used in HEAD rackets for ages. It’s essentially twisted fibers placed in the head and shaft of the racket to make it more flexible. It was previously called Graphene, then Graphene 360, then Graphene 360+, and now just “Graphene Inside.”


What does Graphene Inside do for me?

Similar to Flex Groove, the Graphene material makes the racket softer, giving you much more control over your shots. Graphene dampens the impact of the ball and racket, making it arm-friendly.


HEAD Speed Beam Technology

How does Speed Beam work?

The frame of HEAD rackets with Speed Beam is aerodynamically shaped in cross-section.


What does Speed Beam do for me?

The aerodynamic shape allows the racket to glide better through the air, increasing the power and spin in your shots as the swing speed becomes higher.


Let’s first talk about the visual aspects of the racket. I have the current Head Speed Pro here, the 2022 version, to compare the two. The Speed has retained its black and white color scheme.


However, with the new Speed, it’s noticeable that the white is more of an “Off-White” compared to the pure white of its predecessor. The most significant visual change, though, is that the new Speed has a truly matte surface compared to the glossy finish of the previous model. The new surface is so matte that you can actually feel it. It feels like a kind of rubber coating. According to HEAD, this coating comes from a Swiss factory that actually collaborates with Rolex.

head speed old new



When we take a closer look at the design of the new Speed, we can see some really nice details. All racket data, such as weight and balance, is now engraved on the throat of the racket. To be honest, searching for technical values on the racket head was always a nightmare. This is much easier and has a nice embossed finish.

A very small detail that you might notice is the butt cap. The old model had a kind of rose gold finish, while the new model has a silver finish. I prefer the classic silver, as the butt cap of the previous model often dissolved. However, this has not happened to me in the past with the silver version.


Overall, the Head Speed is quite similar to the previous iterations. It has its angular black and white paint job, which I like. I prefer rackets with a minimalist look.


You can buy the new HEAD Speed in the following five variants:

  • Speed PRO 2024
  • Speed MP 2024
  • Speed MP L 2024
  • Speed TEAM 2024
  • Speed PWR 2024



The HEAD Speed Team is the lightest and easiest-to-play variant with the largest racket head.



The best-selling variant, essentially the flagship, for advanced players.



Identical to the MP but weighs only 280g (20g less than the MP).



The Pro is the only Speed with an 18×20 string pattern for maximum control. What makes the Speed Pro special is that, compared to other 18×20 rackets, it has a very open string pattern, making the Speed Pro a top-of-the-line racket for advanced players with an extra touch of power.


Thanks to the 740cm² hitting surface and thicker frame profile, the new Speed PWR 2024 is excellent for players looking for a lightweight but powerful racket.


Model Pro MP MP L Team PWR
CPI 300 500 600 800 1000
Beam Thickness 23mm 23mm 23 mm 24 mm

26/26/28 mm

Headsize 645 cm2 / 100 in2 645 cm2 / 100 in2 645 cm2 / 100 in2 677 cm2 / 105 in2 740 cm2 / 115 in2
Weight (unstrung) 310 g / 10.9 oz 300 g / 10.6 oz 280 g / 9.9 oz 270 g / 9.5 oz 255 g / 9 oz
Balance (unsttrung) 310 mm / 1.3 in HL 320 mm / 1 in HL 325 mm / 0.7 in HL 325 mm / 0.8 in HL 345 mm / even
Length 685 mm / 27.0 in 685 mm / 27.0 in 685 mm / 27.0 in 685 mm / 27.0 in 685 mm / 27.0 in
String Pattern 18/20 16/19  16/19  16/19  16/19
Gripsize 2-4 1-4 1-3 1-4 1-4
Griptape HydroSorb Pro – Black HydroSorb Pro – Black HydroSorb Pro – Black HydroSorb Pro – Black HydroSorb Comfort – Black
Prestrung Strings

Lynx, 1.25mm – Anthracite

Lynx, 1.25mm – Anthracite Lynx, 1.25mm – Anthracite Lynx, 1.25mm – Anthracite

Hydrosorb Comfort – Black

Recommended Strings

Hawk Touch, 1.25mm

Lynx, 1.30mm

Lynx, 1.30mm

Velocity, 1.30mm

Reflex MLT, 1.30mm

RRP (unstrung) 300,00 $ 280,00 $ 250,00 $ 250,00 $ 280,00 $

Professional Players

These players “use” or endorse the Speed.

Please note that the rackets are most likely special frames not available in stores. For example, Jannik Sinner’s Speed is 1 mm thinner. They just look like the Speed because the racket received the matching paint job from HEAD.

HEAD Speed 2024 Auxetic 2.0 Review

Finally, let’s get to the important part that you’re probably here for. The review!

Independent & Unbiased

All products featured on FourtyLove are tested independently by me. I do not favour any brands nor do I receive any money from brands influencing my results. I might earn a small commission if you buy products through my affiliate links.


Rackets Tested


Hits per Racket


Hours Tested




The Auxetic 2.0 works very well in the new Speed, providing a great blend of control, stability, and feel. You might remember the Speed in the first and second generations with Graphene, which was so dampened that it felt like playing with a piece of wood. HEAD has learned from that and created a truly arm-friendly racket that still gives you ample feedback.

From the baseline, the Speed sits right in the middle of control and power. I could generate enough spin and height, but I had no trouble stepping on the gas a bit and placing my groundstrokes.


Since I play with a lot of spin from the baseline, it’s no surprise that the Speed MP felt the best in my hands, delivering the desired results from the first hit. Fast forehands that are also heavy, causing problems for opponents with the added spin.


The MP L plays almost identically to the MP, but for me, it’s too light, leading to more errors in realistic rallies and longer matches because it’s just not stable enough. For younger players and especially women, the MP L is undoubtedly a brilliant choice if the MP is too heavy.


The Team version in the 2024 model actually feels like a real Speed and is the ideal entry-level racket.


The Pro delivers on its promises and is truly precise, despite having a lot of “Speed”. Definitely the most demanding racket in the Speed series.


Not my specialty, but perhaps for that reason, I can say with some certainty that the new Speed 2024 performs very well at the net as I felt quite comfortable there. The Auxetic 2.0 helps in making even slightly off-center hits feel good. Naturally, the Pro is the most comfortable racket in the Speed series due to its additional weight, providing enhanced stability on volleys.


Since I rely on a lot of spin, especially on the second serve, I can recommend the MP for men and the MP L for women in this aspect. The Pro, being a bit too heavy for my liking, is more suitable for “serve +1” players who seek an immediate point after the serve.

All versions, including the Team, feel good on serves, providing precision while maintaining sufficient speed.



Probably the major strength of the Speed (Novak?), as in no other shot in tennis is the mix of speed, spin, and placement as crucial as in the return. The Speed allowed me to force my opponent into many rallies during their own service games. Frequently, I managed to put them on the defensive right from the start, which is a big compliment to any tennis racket, especially in advanced men’s tennis.

Again, the Pro felt a bit too heavy and “slow” for me, and I couldn’t get behind the ball frequently enough. However, the MP hit the sweet spot precisely between stability (weight behind the ball) and power (timing on the return).

What’s Good About the Speed 2024

I really like the new design of the HEAD Speed 2024. Also, the playing experience with Auxetic 2.0 is a positive change. The revamp of HEAD’s bestseller performs exceptionally well in almost every category, making it the top contender for the best all-around racket in 2024.

After spending some time on the court with the new Speed, it’s challenging to go back to another racket. For example, when I unpack my Wilson Blade or HEAD Prestige, I miss power and spin (compared to the Speed). If I try my old Babolat Pure Drive, I lack a lot of control (compared to the Speed).

As mentioned, the HEAD Speed 2024 excels in all categories. It is particularly strong in the “control” category. The 23mm thick frame may not be ultra-thin, but because it consistently bends at 23mm and is a very soft frame, allowing the ball to stay in the string bed longer (Dwell Time), the new Speed can almost keep up with pure control rackets (Prestige, Blade).

Another point that I find crucial and want to mention is the difference in “feel” between the new and old Speed. I’ve talked to many players who compared their old Speed with the new one, and many of them notice that the old Speed feels significantly “hollower.” The 2024 Speed feels better at impact and provides more feedback. Please note that these differences are usually noticeable only in direct comparisons between the old and new Speed, and we’re talking about minimal changes.

Downsides of the Speed

As excellent as the new Speed is in each individual category, it doesn’t claim the top spot in any specific category, usually settling for second or third place. To put it in the language of tennis rackets:
If I’m looking for absolute control, I would choose a HEAD Prestige, not the Speed. Need maximum spin? HEAD Extreme is a better choice than the Speed. More power? Boom or Pure Drive, not Speed.

The new HEAD Speed 2024 increasingly takes on the role of the Radical, positioning itself extremely in the middle between power and control. The new Speed doesn’t do anything wrong, but personally, I don’t prefer such broadly positioned rackets.

Who is the Speed suitable for?

The Speed is for all-rounders. This doesn’t necessarily refer to a player type who spends an equal amount of time at the baseline and the net, but rather a player who covers everything with their groundstrokes. Hard-hitting and offensive forehands from the baseline? Check. Placing and extending rallies from defensive positions, giving you enough time to return to the center? Check. Frustrating your opponent with high topspin one-handed backhands on clay? That too, check!

The Speed can do it all and unleashes its potential in the hands of a player with a versatile, well-rounded game.


Who is the Speed not suitable for?

Players who, as described above, only have Plan A and are dedicated to it can certainly play well with the Speed, but they will quickly find a better racket that can help them much more with Plan A.

Speed 2024 vs. Speed 2021. Should I upgrade?

The new Speed 2024 is definitely an improvement over its predecessor. Whether an upgrade is worth it depends on how important the various categories in which the new Speed excels are to you:

Power & Spin

If you wish for more power and/or spin in your old Speed 2021, I can highly recommend upgrading to the new Speed 2024. The higher swing weight is one of the most noticeable changes that becomes apparent immediately.



Auxetic 2.0 and the softer frame have certainly improved control, but I find that the changes are not significant enough to recommend an upgrade.


With the new Speed 2024, HEAD has released a very successful update in all five variants. For me, the MP stands out as the variant that has improved the most.


Of course, you can also ask me questions about the new HEAD Speed 2024 Auxetic 2.0 in the comments.

I’m happy to help you out.

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