HEAD Speed Graphene 360 Prototype 2018 tested
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HEAD Speed Graphene 360 Prototype 2018 tested

HEAD send their newest racket prototype to a few selected people to test and review it. We got our hands on the racket to bring you all the infos you need for the new upcoming HEAD Speed Graphene 360 2018!

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The new Head Speed 360 has a great sound and feel. Looking forward to it!

– C. Thomson


The HEAD Speed 360 Prototype is an all black beauty. But that won’t be the final design as HEAD stated already. Although so many people demand all black rackets, it is understandable that racket companies prefer rackets with designs that distinguish themselves from others. Below you find some screenshots I took from the internet with possible designs of the final racket and also the all black prototype design.

HEAD sent the racket in a completely new tennis bag in all white with a new speed logo on it. The bag feels very nice and is of good quality with a nice cushioning on the back and the shoulders if carried.


HEAD further improved its Speed serious by adding more Graphene to the racket. The new version has Graphene added all around the frame (thats why 360) at 4 points, 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. The earlier version only had Graphene added to the heart of the racket.

The specs of the racket are the following:

Release Date

The official launch of the HEAD Speed Graphene 360 is the 20th July 2018. The actual version of the new racket will be shown from the 15th June on and I will try to get my hands on that version.

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