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We had it for the Pure Drive 2015 and for the Pure Aero from last year, leaks! And it seems like it is happening again. More and more photos of Babolat Pure Drive look alike rackets appear on the internet. The photos show an almost exact copy of the design of the older Pure Drive but with a nice blue ice color.

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Babolat Pure Strike Dominic Thiem


We have all seen Dominic Thiem’s new white racket at the US Open 2016, the new Pure Strike 2017. The Babolat Pure Strike is an extremely well designed racket for intermediate and advanced players looking for powerful strokes with a good amount of spin and finally it got his update for 2017! It’s made for the modern tennis and is perfect for players that like to control the match and decide what will happen next. The thing with the Babolat Pure Strike 2016 is that it has even more racket head speed and power than the first generation. The generated spin from the Pure Strike 2017 is almost the same and brings no disadvantages to the table compared to the older one. Many players reported that they lost a bit of control when switching from the old one to he new Pure Strike 2017 (ProjectOne7) but this is most likely only due to the added power. Overall the Babolat Pure Strike 2017 is a better version compared to the old one.


Dominic Thiem’s new weapon has a length of 27″ with a headsize of 98in² / 630 cm². Without being strung the racket has a weight of 305g / 10,8oz. The string pattern is 16×19 and the balance at 320mm. This new version also comes with FSI Technology which means that the string pattern is optimized and wider for more spin and pace. The Pure Strike 2016 also features Hybrid Frame Technology for more power and control due to an increased size of the beam sections. This racket is definetly packed with the best and newest technology.

The Pure Strike 100 weighs 300g / 10,6oz and has a headsize of 100in² / 645 cm². Everything else is identical to the standart Pure Strike 2016

The Pure Strike Team weighs only 285g / 10,1oz and also has a headsize of 100in² / 645 cm². The Balance is at 330mm

The Pure Strike 18/20is the same as the standart Pure Strike but with a string pattern of 18/20.

The Pure Strike VS weighs 295g / 10,4oz and also has a headsize of 98in² / 630 cm². The Balance is at 325mm and the string pattern is 16/20.

The Pure Strike VS Tour weighs 320g / 11,3oz and also has a headsize of 98in² / 630 cm². The Balance is at 310mm and the string pattern is also 16/20.

The new Babolat Pure Strike 2017 also comes in a Junior version called “JR 26” with a weight of 250g / 8,8oz, a balance at 330mm, a headsize of 645 cm² / 100in² and a string pattern of 16/19.

The Babolat ProjectOne7 is the Babolat Pure Strike 2017

– Dominic Thiem


The design of the racket is what stands out the most compared to the old one. Most of the racket is white, pure white. Right next to the grip at the heart of the Babolat Pure Strike 2016 you can see the red trademark color that was also present in the old design of the black/red Pure Strike. On the side of the racket the name “Pure Strike” is very present with a new design. On the head of the racket Babolat added the two stripes on both sides in a darkish / grey color.


The new racket comes with a new bag that looks really nice. The Racket Holder X 12.

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