Roger Federer’s Twins – Everything about his Kids

Roger Federer’s Twins – Everything about his Kids

Roger Federer had the incredible luck of getting twins, TWICE! Many of us wouldn’t consider that luck but with about 100 million Dollar that should be ok.

Federer’s first set of twins were born on the 23. July 2009. The girls names are Charlene Riva Federer and Myla Rose Federer. His second set of twins was born on 6. May 2014 and Federer’s boys are called Leo and Lenny. That means Roger Federer has 4 kids at the age of 33. There has to be such a huge amount of talent in Federer’s children with the best player ever as father and and a former professional player as mother. No pressure on the kids at all.

The internet reacted in funny ways when Federer announced that they will have another pair of twins coming. Comments like “So Federer will win mixed, men and women doubles in 2030” appeared.

They don’t know whether I’m good or bad at Tennis

– Roger Federer
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How old are Federer’s Twins?

The twin girls Charlene Riva and Myla Rose are 13 years old. The twin boys Leo and Lenny are 8 years old.

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Federer’s children look like Roger a lot! See the photo of Roger Federer as a kid holding the ball in his hand. There is another photo from one of Federers sons that looks exactly like it. While it is easy to spot the Federer girl twins at tournaments right next to Mirka it’s much harder to see the boy twins.


We don’t get many news about his twins but he once said that they have no interest in pursuing tennis. Especially Federer’s boy twins had some time on tv when they were crying while Roger was playing. Most of the news around Federer`s children appear at the end of the season or when Federer is out of a tournament early. Last year Federer visited the Oscars while Mirka and the twins were skiing in Switzerland at home.

I don’t know if the kids are ever going to play tennis at a high level like that. But I think for any kid it’s important for them to enjoy what they’re doing, whatever sport that is.

– Roger Federer


Federer’s sister also has twins! Diana has a boy and a girl as twins and additionaly Federer’s grandother was also a twin! So it seems to be in the family of the Federer’s to make twins. 🙂

Are Federer’s Twins Identical?

Yes, both sets of Federer’s twins are identical. It’s very hard for us to tell them apart.

Do Federer’s Twins Play Tennis?

Federer rarely talks about his children but he once stated that they don’t seem to have any interest in playing tennis.

When is Federer’s Twins Birthday?

The girl twins birthday is on the 23th July 2009. The boy twins birthday is on the 6th May 2014.

Is there a Federer Children’s Book?

Yes, there is a Childrens Book called “Federer: The Children’s Book.”

Does Roger Federer have a Twin Brother?

Roger Federer does not have a twin brother. He has one sister called Diana.

How Old Are Roger Federer’s Twins 2023?

The girl twins Myla and Charlene are 13 years old. The boy twins Leo and Lennart are 8 years old.

What Are Roger Federer’s Children’s Names?

The children of Roger Federer are called Myla, Charlene, Leo and Lennart.

Does Federer Have A Child?

Yes, Roger Federer has four children. Two boys and two girls which all are twins.

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