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What is a Drop Shot in Tennis and when to use it?

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Definition of a stop

The stop or drop shot is a type of stroke in tennis in which the ball is hit softly, short and ideally with backspin, so that it bounces twice before the opponent can reach the ball.The stroke is usually used to surprise the opponent, make him run and put him in an uncomfortable situation for him at the net.


Advantages of the Drop Shot

The drop shot is a valuable tool in the arsenal of any tennis player. This shot is especially useful in doubles, when you’re playing against an opponent who likes to stay close to the net. The goal of the drop shot is to play the ball just over the net and then land it flat in the court, so that your opponent has to go back to the baseline to reach it. This can surprise the opponent and give you the point.


The drop shot is also useful in singles play. It is an effective way to keep your opponent off balance and make him run more than he would like. If you manage to keep placing your drop shots deep in the field, you can slowly wear down your opponent.


One of the great advantages of the drop shot is that it can be used from anywhere on the court. It can be used from the baseline, from the service line, or even near the net.This makes it a great weapon to vary your strategy and keep your opponent guessing.


Strategies for executing a drop shot

The drop shot is an essential part of any tennis player’s arsenal, and mastering this technique can give you an edge over your opponents. To execute a successful drop shot, it is important to apply the right amount of spin and control. You should start the shot with a low and deep trajectory, and then apply a combination of spin and control to bring the ball back over the net. When you hit the ball, use a light grip and cutting motion to create spin, and be sure to keep the club head up and follow through. Finally, adjust the angle and speed of the shot to the situation, and make sure you stay on your toes and ready to react to your opponent’s shot.

Training is key, so spend plenty of time on the court improving your drop shot technique. With the right practice and dedication, you’ll soon be able to surprise your opponents with your drop shots!


When to use the Drop Shot

The drop shot is an incredibly useful and effective tool for any tennis player, but it’s important to know when to use it. The best time to use a drop shot is:

    • When your opponent is far behind the baseline. Your opponent has to travel a longer distance to reach the stop. This pulls on your stamina!
    • When your opponent is expecting an aggressive strike into a corner.Your opponent is only prepared to sprint left or right. By the time he has shifted his weight forward and can run to a short stop, he is usually too late.
    • If your opponent is very reluctant to be at the net.If your opponent doesn’t play good volleys or smashes, getting him to the net permanently with short balls is a very good tactic. Of course, you must make sure that your stop is not so weak that your opponent directly makes a point.


Improving your drop shot game

Improving your drop shot game is one of the most important aspects of mastering tennis. There are a few important principles you should keep in mind if you want to improve your drop shot game:

Length:Make sure you use your wrist to sensitively put just a little length but a lot of spin and the right angle of takeoff into the ball.

Angle:It is important to hit the ball at an angle that will send it just over the net. However, the angle should not be too low, because then the backspin will affect the ball less. If you play the ball “high” enough and it lands more vertically, chances are it will bounce back a few feet with enough backspin.

Timing: Timing is critical in the drop shot. You need to make sure you hit the ball at the right time so that it falls to the ground before your opponent can reach it.

By following these principles and practicing regularly, you can improve your drop shot game and become a successful tennis player.

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