Yonex VCore 2023 [REVIEW]
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Yonex VCore 2023 [REVIEW]

Are you looking for a racket for unpleasant, high topspin shots but also flat and fast attacking balls? Then the new VCore 2023 is the perfect mix for you.

  • The most important things about the Yonex VCore 2023
  • Gives more feedback than the predecessor
  • Significantly higher launch angle of the balls
  • More control and power than the predecessor

What’s new with the VCore 2023?

A lot has changed in the new VCore 2023 compared to the version of 2021. The NAMD technology has been improved and makes the frame incredibly stable in the point of impact.

The predecessor was too “muted” in the hit for many players and did not pass on proper feedback. That is definitely no longer the case with the  VCore2023!

The new frame has softened by 5 points and has become a few millimeters thinner in the lower part of the racket head and slightly thicker in the upper part.

The head of the racket is slightly wider due to the “Enlarged Top Frame” – technology and thus has its sweet spot higher in the racket head and facilitates clean hits on strong wiping movements, which are necessary for topspin.

Technologie VCore 2023 VCore 2021
Aero Trench
String Sync Grommets



Here is a comparison table for the new and old VCore:

Property VCORE 98 2023 VCORE 98 Difference %
Headsize (in2)
Length (in)
Weight (oz)
Balance (in)
318 325 2
Flex (RDC) 62 66 6
13.9 14.4 4
Vibration (Hz) 141 140 -1
Power (%) 40 41 3
Sweet Zone (in2)

What’s a “VCore”?

A VCore from Yonex is virtually the counterpart to the Pure Aero from Babolat or Extreme from HEAD, so a racket for topspin!

Yonex, however, probably didn’t get the message that spin rackets have to be yellow.

The VCore sits between the control racket “VCore Pro” and the power racket “EZone”.

The first VCore was released in 1985 and is now available for purchase in its seventh iteration.

Technologies in the Yonex VCore 2023

Here are once all the technologies in the Yonex VCore 2023 easily understandable explained:

How does Aero Trench work?

The eyelets are installed so that the frame can swing with less air resistance.

What does Aero Trench do for me?

With less drag, you can swing the club faster and maneuver better on defense.


The trademark of Yonex rackets, the isometric racket head shape. This somewhat “angular” racket head shape makes the sweet spot 7% larger.

What are the benefits of ISOMETRIC RACQUET SHAPE?

“But a racket with a 750 head also has a larger sweet spot?!”. Yes, that is correct, but this racket has all the disadvantages of a 750 head and none of the advantages of a 630 head.

The Yonex rackets are easier to hit in the middle and do not lose power due to the larger sweet spot, because only the sweet spot and not the entire racket head is larger.
How does LINER TECH work?

Similar to HEAD’s Spin Grommets, LINEAR TECH allows the grommets to move more. This allows more potential for friction on the ball.

What are the benefits of LINER TECH?

More friction from the string on the ball increases topspin.

How does AERO FIN work?

Dutch AERO FIN the frame is thinner at the racket heart.

How can I benefit from AERO FIN?

A thinner frame has many advantages, one of which is increased control as the ball stays in the stringbed longer.

How does 2G-NAMD™ FLEX FORCE work?

NAMD describes a specific method of producing graphite and strengthens the frame at high impact speeds.

What does 2G-NAMD™ FLEX FORCE do for me?

The high racquet head speeds are mainly achieved on topspin shots. A stiffer frame allows you to play more topspin.


The new grommets, enriched with silicone oil, create 26.3% less friction with the strings, which allows the strings more flexibility and allows them to spring back (snapback) quickly to their original position. 

What are the benefits of SILICONE OIL INFUSED GROMMET?

This quick bounce back when the strings hit the ground increases spin.

How does String Sync Grommets work?

A thinner eyelet is inserted into the eyelet band. This smaller eyelet moves with the string for a faster snapback.


What are the benefits of String Sync Grommets?

This snapback also increases the spin you get on the ball.


A wider frame at the 2 o’clock and 10 o’clock positions increases the face size. 

What is the benefit of ENLARGED FRAME TOP?

As with more open string ratios, this specific shape increases launch angle. Good for topspin, as it takes the net out of play.

How does NEW THROAT DESIGN work?

The base of the beater heart is shaped like an “H”. The two frame parts at the neck more like a “T”. This new shape is designed to increase frame stability.

What can NEW THROAT DESIGN do for me?

The stable frame transfers more speed from the swing to the ball.


The design hasn’t changed much from its predecessor:


You can buy the VCore 2023 in the following variants. I have tested the VCore 95 and 98:

  • VCORE 95
  • VCORE 98
  • VCORE 98L
  • VCORE 100
  • VCORE 100L
  • VCORE 26
  • VCORE 25



td>Made In.

Balance Point 320 mm 315 mm 310 mm
Japan Japan Japan
Grip Size 1 – 5 1 – 5 1 – 5
Length 27 in. 27 in. 27 in.
Stringing Advice 45 – 60 lbs 45 – 60 lbs 45 – 60 lbs
Stringing Pattern 16 x 19 16 x 19 16 x 20
Weight 300 g / 10.6 oz 305 g / 10.8 oz 310 g / 10.9 oz
Width Range 25.3 mm – 25.3 mm – 22 mm 23 mm – 23 mm – 21 mm 22 mm – 22 mm – 21 mm
Head Size 100 sq.in. 98 sq.in. 95 sq.in.
Item Code 07VC100 07VC98 07VC95

Pro Players

These players “play” or promote the VCore 2023Please note that the rackets are most likely special frames that are not available in stores. They simply look like the VCore 2023, as the racket has been given the matching paint job by Yonex. 

  • Elena Rybakina
  • Caroline Garcia
  • Yoshihito Nishioka
  • Angelique Kerber
  • Donna Vekic
  • Camila Giorgi
  • Eugenie Bouchard
  • Diede de Groot
  • Radu Albot

Wilson Pro Staff X / 97 v14 2023 Review

Finally, let’s get to the important part that you’re probably here for. The test!

Independent & Unbiased

All products featured on FourtyLove are tested independently by me. I do not favour any brands nor do I receive any money from brands influencing my results. I might earn a small commission if you buy products through my affiliate links.


Rackets Tested


Hits per Racket


Hours Tested




I liked the new VCore on groundstrokes right from the start. The first thing that stands out is the significantly higher launch angle compared to its predecessor, which I like very much as a spin player. The balls arrive at an uncomfortable height for the opponent and fly over the net at a good safe distance.


The second positive surprise is how incredibly stable the frame goes through the ball. The frame barely gives way and feels like you’re not hitting through a tennis ball, but through butter.


The positive surprises even go on and on. The racket has a lot of power and makes it very easy for me to play a lot of topspin, maybe even easier than with my Extreme Pro.


The VCore 98 and 95 feel very light. I had to check the frame first to make sure I was holding the right racquet, but they didn’t feel like 305g / 310g. 


The biggest surprise, especially on the backhand, are the flat, aggressive shots with the VCore 2023. These are super easy to control, very fast and have a very consistent and good length.


VCore 98

For my strong topspin motion, which is susceptible to frame hits, the 98 racquet head is certainly the better frame.


VCore 95

I like the 95 VCore best from the baseline because I could determine the length of the balls much better and I think that is the most important thing for topspin oriented racquets, besides the spin potential. A short ball with a lot of spin in the T-field is about the worst thing that can happen.



The VCore 2023’s large sweet spot and high stability make it an easy racquet to play at net, especially considering it only has a 95 or 98 head. 

The volleys felt good, but most of them were a bit shorter than I expected. But since I can’t do anything at the net, I wouldn’t consider that so bad.



I really liked the serves, just like the balls, from the high spin baseline. Especially kick and slice serves are very easy and good with the VCore. I didn’t find flat serves quite as easy, but that wouldn’t really be a negative aspect for me, as I find this type of serve difficult in principle.


Even though I already mentioned the stability 10 times, it is also very dominant for me on the return and gives a lot of confidence to go aggressively to the opponent’s serve sometimes.

What I like about VCore 2023

The new VCore 2023 is incredibly stable in the hit! I thought to myself, “Wow, I’ve never played a racquet that goes through the ball like that,” and then I checked the TW University database.

The so-called “Plow-Through” value describes how much speed the frame lost after the hit and lo and behold, the VCore 2023 has a maximum PT value of 25%.

The wider head and more open stringbed suggest that the racket has lost control and precision compared to its predecessor, but this is rather the opposite.

The slightly softer frame gives it more control and precision and feels less cushioned than its predecessor.

The balance point of the VCore allows the 305g and 310g to move very easily and quickly, which is of course an advantage for a topspin racket.

For one-handers or players who like to keep their left hand on the racket heart, the VCore is a good choice because the racket heart is much narrower than other racket companies. This makes it very easy and comfortable to hold.

VCore 95

The VCore 95 plays like a 95 head in terms of precision and control, but is much more forgiving, more like a 98, maybe almost like a 100 head. So if you want to try the 98, don’t be afraid of the 95.

From the baseline, the VCore 2023 is already my absolute favorite VCore, of all that ever existed!

What I do Not Like about the VCore 2023

Although Yonex has already improved the dampening feel of its predecessor by quite a bit, I find that (similar to the old Graphene 360) there is still a bit too much dampening.

Players who want to feel the ball 100% and need the feedback will probably be slightly disappointed with the new VCore 2023, as it feels like it’s made of a “cheap” material.

Of course, this is not factually so. Yonex is known for high quality standards, but I’m just trying to reflect the feeling when hitting, which just felt a bit “hollow”.

So please Yonex, don’t sue me. :/

Who is the Pro Staff v14 for?

The VCore 2023 is definitely meant for aggressive players. It’s for player types who want to use spin and high, awkward balls to force the opponent into short balls and then get to the aggressive, flat shot.

Surprisingly, though, I can recommend the new VCore 2023 to players who tend to excel at speed and flat balls.  

Who is the Pro Staff v14 not for?

I wouldn’t recommend the VCore to a player who needs to feel the ball on the racket a lot to play good tennis. So if you are comfortable with racquets like a Prestige or Pro Staff, you probably won’t like the VCore.

Should I switch or upgrade to the new VCore 2023?


There is a reason that almost everyone on tour seem switch to Yonex in the recent years. There are even rumors about Tommy Paul playing a stock VCore 98 since a few months. Now if that doesn’t say something about Yonex quality I don’t know what does.

The new VCore 2023 and especially the new VCore 95 is definitely worth an upgrade from the old VCore 2021!

I find the new VCore better in all areas, but especially the better feedback (which is still not perfect) would be a reason to upgrade for me.

The flat and aggressive capabilities of the new VCore are also worth upgrading.



Since the VCore works wonderfully with flat but also high topspin balls, players with spin racquets like a Babolat Pure Aero or HEAD Extreme, but also with power racquets like a Pure Drive or Wilson Ultra, might consider testing it.



Of course you can also ask me questions about the new Yonex VCore 2023 in the comments.

I’m happy to help you out.

Timo GD

32 years old and has been playing tennis since the age of 9. Formerly ranked top 400 in the country and would have surely become ATP #1 if it hadn’t been for something else.

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