Spinfire Pro 2 Ball Machine [REVIEW]
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Spinfire Pro 2 Ball Machine [REVIEW]

The Spinfire Pro 2 tennis ball machine offers all the features you would expect from a ball machine. I have tested everything for you!

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  • The key takeaways about the Spinfire Pro 2:
  • Robust ball machine with many options
  • Thoughtfully designed remote control
  • Incorporates many different exercises



The Spinfire Pro 2 ball machine is the second version of one of SpinfireSport’s most popular ball machines. The predecessor was released in 2012, and the latest version, the Spinfire Pro 2, was released in October 2020.



You can purchase the Spinfire Pro 2 in the following variants:


  • Spinfire Pro 2 with internal battery
  • Spinfire Pro 2 with external battery
  • Spinfire Pro 2 without battery (requires power outlet)
Feature Spinfire Pro 2 Spinfire Pro 1
Fastest Speed 80 mph 80 mph
Slowest Speed 20 mph 20 mph
Horizontal Oscillation
Vertical Oscillation
Integrated Drills
Interval Time 2 – 15 seconds 2 – 15 seconds
Ball Capacity 150 150
Battery Life 3 – 8 hours 3 – 8 hours
External Battery
Power Source
Remote Control
Weight 40 – 53 lbs 40 – 53 lbs
Dimensions 24″ x 16″ x 19″ 24″ x 16″ x 19″
Compatible with Padel Balls?



When you imagine a tennis ball machine, the Spinshot Plus-2 is probably not what you expect. A green metal box with wheels is a thing of the past. The Spinfire Pro 2 looks much more modern.

spinfire pro 2



Now let’s get to the important part, which is likely why you’re here. The review!


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Spinshot Plus-2

Ball Speed

The Spinfire Pro 2 covers a wide range of ball speeds. It offers extremely slow balls at just 20 mph, which are ideal for beginners but also useful for advanced players who want to practice short and slow shots. The maximum ball speed is 80 mph, which can be likened to a rocket forehand.

Ball Capacity

The Spinfire Pro 2 can hold up to 150 balls, providing ample capacity to avoid frequent reloading. If you set a medium interval time of 6 seconds, you can perform your drills for over 2 minutes.


The Spinfire Pro 2 is capable of generating significant spin on the balls! In my experience, the topspin it produces is sufficient to simulate groundstrokes from advanced players. In addition to topspin, it also allows you to set up a nasty slice, enabling you to practice flat and slow shots that don’t bounce as high.


The Spinfire Pro 2 has an internal oscillation mechanism, allowing it to rotate and play balls to desired positions alternately. It’s important to note that these are not random balls (although the Spinfire Pro 2 can do that too), but precise target positions. I will explain this in more detail below. The oscillation can be adjusted from narrow to wide angles.

Drills / Exercises

The Spinfire Pro 2 comes with several pre-programmed exercises. You can train various ball sequences and sequences, including short balls, long balls, and random ball placements.


The battery of the Spinfire Pro 2 is definitely sufficient for training sessions of several hours. I tested the version with the built-in battery for three consecutive hours and had no issues. However, after 3-4 hours, the battery will be depleted and needs to be recharged. The Spinfire Pro 2 offers great flexibility by allowing multiple power options. You can use the internal battery, add an external battery, or even use a power cable for continuous power supply.


The ball machine weighs between 40 to 53 pounds, depending on the version. The version with the built-in battery

weighs 53 pounds, while without the battery it weighs only 40 pounds.

The Spinfire Pro 2 measures 24 inches in height, 16 inches in width, and 19 inches in length. This makes it fit in any car and it is one of the smallest ball machines available.

The Spinfire Pro 2 is very compact and easy to set up. There is a handle attached to the rear end that can be folded down, similar to a travel suitcase. When the two main parts are separated, the ball machine fits into any trunk.

Noise Level

There isn’t much to say about the noise level as it is within the normal range for a ball machine. You won’t hear the machine on the other side of the court, except for the “pop” sound when the ball is shot out.


The operation of the Spinfire Pro 2 is its greatest strength. The ball machine comes with the best remote control I have ever seen in ball machines! The remote control allows you to activate and deactivate the ball machine. Additionally, you can adjust the directions—left, right, short, and long—step by step with the push of a button. You can also adjust the spin of the ball using the remote control, eliminating the need to walk to the other side of the tennis court each time. Drills can also be set up. With a click of the remote control, balls are played alternately to the forehand and then the backhand. The distance between the two balls can be manually adjusted. The Spinfire Pro 2 can be set up via the remote control to play balls with random heights, lengths, and different spin types.

What’s Good About the Spinfire Pro 2

The Spinfire Pro 2 offers all the advanced features that a ball machine can have. It covers everything and you probably won’t need another ball machine. The spin is adjustable and the speed range accommodates all skill levels. One of the biggest advantages compared to other ball machines is the remote control. It is extremely well-designed and offers many functions with just one press of a button. I also really like the battery life, as it lasts for more than two sessions. A small plus is the fact that the Spinfire Pro 2 works with Padel balls.

What’s Not So Good About the Spinfire Pro 2

The only point I don’t like is the price of the remote control if you happen to lose it. Nearly €100? Oops.

Who is the Spinfire Pro 2 Suitable For?

The Spinfire Pro 2 is suitable for players of all skill levels. The ball speed ranges from very slow for children to very fast for advanced players. The variable spin also makes the Spinfire Pro 2 a good choice for higher-level players.

Who is the Spinfire Pro 2 Not Suitable For?

Anyone interested in a ball machine should consider the Spinfire Pro 2. However, it may have too many features that some players will never use. In this case, you could save some money and try a simpler ball machine, such as the Slinger Bag ball machine.


Feel free to ask me any questions about the Spinfire Pro 2 in the


I’m happy to assist you further.

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